The new D.I.D. 219HTZ SDH racing chain uses D.I.D.’s unique and latest pin-hardening technology, which has 40% greater wear resistance and longer life than the conventional 219HTM DHA chain. The best chain on the market at any price, just got better!

This is our best selling 219 chain we stock. Why? It works and it lasts.

Tip: For long chain life check the chain tension- it cannot be tight- about a thumb’s width of up movement & a thumb’s width down movement at the tightest point. Absolutely use a high quality chain lube (Motul) and apply it before every driving session. Applying lube to a warm chain will allow the lube to flow better into the rollers. Always allow a few minutes for the lube to set before running for best results.

Thoroughly clean the chain and sprocket at the end of the day. Once everything is clean apply some lubricant on the chain. Proper chain care and setup will reduce main & drive sprocket wear and increase engine horsepower.  Going faster and saving money at the same time!